Why is a TABC Permit Important?

What happens when a bar or restaurant in Texas wants to serve alcohol during permitted hours? Many people have the misconception that these establishments are allowed to sell alcohol whenever they want, regardless of the law. But it is simply not true. For one, there are specific hours in the week when you can sell alcohol as a business, especially one that is operating as a bar or restaurant or a club. These hours are rarely the problem, but the problem arises when some businesses do not get their TABC permit on time. So why does this permit matter? We will explain.

The key to the permit is that you are not allowed to serve alcohol at any time as a bar or restaurant or club if you do not have the liquor permit from the Texas government. If you are spotted selling these items and they check to find that you do not have a liquor license, your business is going to get shut down immediately and you will face heavy fines and even more possible punishments. It is a very serious rule and it is one that every business must adhere to if they want to remain profitable and in business.

So what can you do? The best option is to ensure that you are on the right side of things. Make sure you talk with our company as soon as possible, because we specialize in helping people get the permits they need to sell alcohol. You will be allowed to sell mixed drinks, beer, white, straight liquor and anything else related to alcohol that you want. If you have a bar or a restaurant, this is the final step in making sure that you are ready to open your doors to customers. So do not take this process lightly.